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Parish Event Archive: Christmas and Easter Messages
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Each Christmas and Easter, our parish priest writes a special message to the parish reflecting on the two most important times of the Churches year. These messages are published in our seasonal newsletters which can be viewed here. They are also available on our website below. Click on the buttons below to read the messages.
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Christmas Message 2016
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The people of the Old Testament looked forward to a time when the Messiah would rule and govern the Kingdom of God established on earth. The whole hope of the people of Israel, with all their prophets and institutions, was focussed on the salvation, not just of the Jewish people, but of the whole world. That salvation is now taking place through the Church founded, nurtured and sustained by Christ. In the birth of the Christ-child the Kingdom of God has drawn very near to us - “The Lord is at hand.”

The Holy Child of Bethlehem presents God’s Kingdom to us with a beautiful simplicity. God is accessible to all. Though of royal descent and King of kings, Christ is not kept from us behind the walls of a royal palace - God in Jesus is accessible to all. He is gifted to us in a humble stable where all who will may enter in. In this small child the vastness of heaven and earth are bound together in perfect unity - the visible and invisible, God and humankind. He is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God among us - he is “Emmanuel,” which means “God with us.”

At Christmas, with the angels, we celebrate the God who comes to us and dwells among us in Christ Jesus. His entry into this world was wonderfully simple and humble and he invites us to enter into his Kingdom of peace and goodwill through simplicity and humility. In this respect we must become like little children, simple and humble, if we are to grasp the mystery of the Kingdom, which, through the Nativity, is now within our reach - like the meek and holy child lying in the manger.

Thanks to all of you at BRG who have been faithful in worship and service throughout this year. I am especially grateful to all the love and support you continue to show to me and my family. May God bless you this Christmas with his peace and joy.

Fr. Frank Smith.
Parish Priest
Christmas 2016

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