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For any couple the decision to marry is a life-changing step. The Sacrament of Matrimony blesses their union and brings the gift of the Holy Spirit, and this grace is a support throughout their lives, in times of joy and times of trial.

Couples planning to marry should make an appointment to see the Parish Priest at least six months before the proposed wedding date, as a great deal of administration must be completed before a Catholic marriage can take place.

They will also attend a course on Marriage Preparation, led by our Parish Priest. This focuses on their relationship and their hopes, gives an understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony and a deeper awareness of their future, marriage life-long, commitment

Marriages can be arranged on request. For more information, please contact our parish priest via the Contact Us Page here.

Our parish can also provide music in the form of hymns, choral music or soloists as part of the marriage service if required. Please mention this in your email and we will contact you to discuss your requirements further.

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